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Does My Car Need a Cooling System or Radiator Flush?

Updated March 16th, 2017

A coolant system flush (a.k.a. coolant flush or radiator flush) is an important element of your vehicle's preventative maintenance schedule. Most car manufacturers recommend getting a coolant flush...

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Does The Diagnostics Code Tell Me What's Wrong With My Car?

Updated May 18th, 2017

Perhaps you've had the experience before where you're driving down the road, and all of a sudden your "Check Engine" light comes on. This can elicit all kinds of nerve-wracking feelings, because let's face it--the phrase "Check Engine" is a little vague for those of us who are not car experts. What exactly does it mean, and how can you fin ...

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Toyota Recalls 6.5 Million Vehicles

Updated March 17th, 2017

South Riding, Virginia - Toyota Motor Corp. has unfortunately been no stranger to recalls in recent years, and for the fourth time since 2009, the Japanese automaker is recalling 6.5 million vehicles worldwide due to faulty power-window switches that may place certain vehicles at risk of fire. The defective switches were supplied to Toyota by prominent Jap ...

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