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Updated March 15th, 2017

Fairfax, Virginia - We live in a world where fueling our cars becomes more expensive every day as fuel prices soar. The average citizen has to spend hundreds of dollars on gas every other week, and this adds up to a tidy sum at the end of every month. However, his expenditure does not always have to be over the top if you find ways of improving on how much fuel your car consumers.

Below are some guidelines on how you can cut back on fuel costs and keep your car operating at an optimal level.

· Combine your errands

Instead of making continuous trips to one place or to places that are close to each other, plan for a single errand that caters for everything. If you are dropping your kids at a school near your place of work, you do not need to go back home and prepare to go to work afterwards. Organize these trips in such a way that they happen at the same time.


· Turn off the ignition

If you are waiting for someone for longer than 30 seconds, you need to turn off the car. Letting the engine run idly is a waste of fuel.

· Pay attention to routes

If you are going from A to C, there is always a chance that a point B along the way is a shortcut. You can use GPS applications to narrow down your options. Some GPS systems are loaded with functionalities to highlight the shortest possible routes between two places.

· Keep your tires inflated

Tires that are not well-inflated can have a negative impact on your fuel economy plan. Well inflated cars save the owners an average of 4% of the total outlay on fuel each month.

· Keep the car in good condition

Well-maintained and regularly-serviced vehicles use decent volumes of fuel. Poorly maintained cars have the engine straining all the time, leading to unnecessary waste of gas.


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