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Updated March 15th, 2017
Let's admit it--most of us don't think about the brakes on our car that often, but they're definitely one of the main things you would never want to go out on you. It's always a good idea to stay mindful of the condition of your brakes, so that you can know when it may be time for you to take your car in to have them inspected or, if need be, repaired. Below are some key warning signs that will let you know when it's time to get new brakes. 
Keep an Ear Out
If you're hearing any kind of high-pitched singing or squealing sound when you apply the brakes, this is definitely an sign that the time for new brake pads is drawing near. What you're actually hearing is a tiny metal shim on the brakes known as an "indicator" which, as the name suggests, is meant to provide an audible alert to let you know when your brake pads are getting dangerously thin. If you start to hear this sound when you apply the brakes, it's best to go ahead and take your car to a brake repair Leesburg location in order to get your brakes inspected, and/or have your brake pads potentially replaced. 
Grinding or Scraping Sounds = Bad News
If you hear any kind of harsh grinding or scraping sounds when you apply the brakes, you're definitely in dangerous territory. This means that your brake pads are all but completely gone, and now the calipers are beginning to make direct metal-on-metal contact with the rotors when they clamp down. When this happens, your rotors can get "scored", or scratched up, which will create an uneven surface and often cause major vibrations and uneven brake wear. If your rotors have sustained excessive damage, they will need to be either resurfaced or replaced. 
With all of the other demands of a busy schedule, it can be easy to forget to check on your brakes. Be sure to bring your car to a brake pads Leesburg auto repair shop to keep your brakes in proper working order, which will help you avoid costly repairs and prevent potential accidents.
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