Updated October 10th, 2016

Synthetic oil is your best option to help your car see a longer life. Here’s some simple explanations why Synthetic Oil should be your car’s choice.

So, Why Should You Use Synthetic Oil?

Synthetic oil change has a number of benefits when compared with the regular oil you use in your vehicle. That's because it's purified and distilled — all the impurities and nasty stuff from regular oil are removed — helping to keep your car running like, yes, a well-oiled machine! Here's something you might not know: synthetic oil provides your car with more protection than a regular oil change because the molecules have been broken down. The result? You get to take better care of your car without breaking the bank.

Keep your engine clean

There are more benefits to using synthetic oil, too. It helps to keep your engine clean and stop deposits from developing inside. This means you're less likely to have to take your car to the garage as a result of an engine problem, saving you a great deal of cash and hassle. But that's not all. Synthetic oil flowers better through various components in your engine, especially during the summer months. This can help to protect your vehicle and increase the lifespan of your engine. Sounds pretty good, right?

Environmental benefits

Synthetic oil could make it possible to extend drain intervals. This could provide you with a wealth of environmental benefits as less oil waste will be used. Although a synthetic oil change is considerably more expensive than a regular one, it should last longer, and depending on your vehicle, provide you with a long-term return on your investment.

Provide your turbocharger with better lubrication

Synthetic oil could provide better lubrication for turbocharger parts in your car, helping to safeguard your vehicle and increase its effectiveness. A failed turbocharger can be expensive, and it could cost hundreds — or even thousands — of dollars to fix. Using synthetic oil instead of regular oil could increase the durability of its components, providing you more value for money and the peace of mind you need.

Synthetic oil comes with a plethora of advantages over regular oil. Not only can it save you money in the long run but you'll be able to protect your engine and its various components, as well as the different turbocharger parts in your car. For more information, speak to a professional at one of Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto’s 8 locations throughout Northern, Virginia including Sterling Virginia.  

*Always check your owner’s manual for your vehicle model’s specific instructions before attempting any type of repair.

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