Updated: May 8th, 2017

The air filter is a component of a car engine that guards against entry of airborne particles such as dust, leaves, pollen and sand. This keeps the engine running smoothly and prevents engine damage that could be caused by these particles and others. When you visit your local auto repair shop your mechanic may mention your air filter is dirty and recommend the filter be changed.

But, why should I change my air filter?             

It prevents damage to the engine

The engine contains numerous delicate components that are essential to how it functions. If dust, sand, leaves and other particles enter the engine, there is a high risk of damage. A clear air filter will be less effective in guarding against contaminants entering the engine if not replaced on regular intervals.

Better fuel efficiency

A clean air filter can allow your vehicle to run more efficiently. An efficiently running engine will use less fuel and allow you to drive farther on a tank of gas.

Reduced emissions

When air cannot freely enter the engine because of a clogged area, the engine can get choked. This results in emissions that can pollute the environment to a greater degree than usual. This is why many states have vehicle emission's requirements. By changing the air filter in your vehicle you are not just helping your vehicle run at its optimum, but, you are also playing a role in keeping the environment clean.

A longer engine life

Not replacing a dirty air filter can, over time, cause damage to your engine.

How often should I change my vehicle's air filter?

Vehicle maintenance schedules vary on how often the air filter should be changed. The best advise to check your owner's manual for your vehicle's exact specification air filter replacement intervals.

What are some warning signs that I probably need change my air filter?

  • Lower fuel economy
  • Misfiring or missing engine
  • Unusual engine sounds
  • Service engine light comes on
  • Air filter appears dirty
  • Reduced horsepower
  • Black sooty smoke or flames exiting the exhaust
  • Smell of gasoline when starting the car

Changing the filter is a quick and low-cost process but it has huge benefits for your car, your environment and your pocket.

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*Always check your owner’s manual for your vehicle model’s specific instructions before attempting any type of repair.

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