Why is my car leaking oil?


Fairfax, Virginia - You've seen the spots in a parking lot, oil stains left behind by cars over time. You might have even seen these oil stains in your own driveway. So, you might ask, "Why is my car leaking oil?"  Simply, it's a signal that you should have a professional mechanic take a look underneath your vehicle.  An oil leak can be a red flag further damage is happening within your vehicle's engine.  Don't delay, if your vehicle is leaking oil take it in for service immediately.  


What is an Oil Leak?

A leak under your car isn’t necessarily oil. There are several potential sources if your car appears to be leaking, the color of the fluid will help you determine the source.


Red: Transmission fluid

Blue/Green:  Coolant

Greasy Brown:  Oil


The oil on your driveway isn't your biggest concern if your car is leaking oil.  It's the fact that your engine, doesn't have the oil required to enable it to run smoothly.  If your engine isn't able to run smoothly, the friction will cause corrosive and irreversible damage.  One of the main reasons that your car is leaking oil is, you waited too long to get an oil change.


The Importance of Regular Oil Changes

You change your oil because as oil is run through the engine over and over, it collects dirt and debris.  The result, over time is your engine is simply too dirty to function.  When oil is way past its prime, it begins to leak.  If your oil is leaking take your car to your trusted auto repair shop immediately before further damage is done to your engine.


When to get and Oil Change

The importance of getting a regular oil change is indisputable; however, the frequency is. Depending upon whom you ask, you'll get a wide variety of recommendations in terms of how many miles (or months) should come between oil changes. Expert recommendations vary from every 3,000 to up to 10,000 miles. To be certain though, we recommend checking your owner's manual for the manfucturer's recommended oil change intervals, type of oil, and more.   


Save Money with Hogan & Sons

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*Always check your owner’s manual for your vehicle model’s specific instructions before attempting any type of repair. Copyright 2017 - Published February 3rd, 2017 Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto - www.hoganandsonsinc.com