Updated April 11th, 2017

Sterling, Virginia - When you drive your car off the lot, it is most likely on all-season tires.  All-season tires offer a balance of durability, smooth ride, and handling that makes them the most popular tire choice.  Despite the name "all-season" if you live in a climate that experiences all four seasons, your all-season tires might not cover you all year.  In climates where there adverse winter weather, you will want to invest in specialty winter tires. So, how do you choose the best tires for you car? We've broken it down for you below...


What are All-Season Tires?

All-season tires are made to balance the needs of each season.  All-season tires compromise between the needs of a summer tire and winter tire.  They don't have the extra grip that winter tires offer, but they also don't have so little grip they run as smoothly as an ultra-high performance tires.  All-season tires are ideal if you live in a moderate climate.  They perform well in the all seasons as you don't need the extra grip to navigate ice and snow in the winter.  If you live in a climate with true winter weather, you are going to want the extra grip and safety a good set of winter tires offers.


How are Winter Tires Different?

Your tires are the first line of defense against the snow and ice on winter roads.  Snow tires are designed specially to work in these adverse conditions.


So how are winter tires different?

  • The tread rubber is designed to remain flexible in cold temperatures, allowing the treads to grip the road better.  

  • The treads are deeper, and the tread patterns are designed for traction and to avoid snow build up.

  • The tires have more biting edges and a higher sipe density, translation: there are thousands of little slits designed to provide traction on ice.  

Though expertly designed to navigate snow and ice, winter tires do not stand up to dry roads.  They wear quickly and because of the deep treads, are very noisy.  Winter tires are a safety precaution if you live in an area where the roads are consistently affected by winter weather.

Contact Your Local Tire Professional

If you aren't sure if winter tires are right for your vehicle, contact your local tire professional.  At Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto, we are the one stop for all your tire needs.  From helping you purchase the right tires, to flat repair, we can care for your car's tire from start to finish.  Schedule your appointment online today.