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Store: Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto | South Riding
on 6/4/16
Wanted to take a minute to give a great big thanks to DOLF ARTEAGA . Hogan and Sons has a superb Service Manager who went above and beyond his call of duty to help cut down costs which meant as a company would be making less of a profit. He was truly committed to making me 100% satisfied with the repairs, cost and focusing on the customer service he was providing me. Often being a woman walking in a mans world ( auto repairs ) I feel as if we are taken advantage of not being familiar! From the start of walking through Hogan & Sons Doors there were not hidden costs or fees he was being upfront to me. That means alot to me and now i will never bring my van anywhere else. You have a return customer for life when my car needs to be repaired.

Stephanie Kohler
42820 Eggleston Terr
South Riding VA 20152
Store: Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto | Winchester
on 6/2/16
Excellent and fast customer service,they did fantastic work and explained everything in detail and answered all of my questions. i was very pleased with the service and there prices were very good they went above and beyond to get me back on the road my car was fixed 100% correct the first time i am very pleased and extremely satisfied.
Store: Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto | Fairfax
on 5/23/16
My "Thanks," to Rich Green for the exceedingly kind treatment I received last week when I came in to buy a couple of tires. I could feel a little thump in the tires at slow speeds and assumed I had some kind of a major defect in one or more of the tires. Rich took the car for a road test and then put it on a lift and checked all four tires. He showed me how, because I didn't rotate them enough that they didn't wear evenly but that everything was fine and I didn't need any tires. He said there is no danger or anything to be concerned about. After all that I tried to pay him but he said, "No charge." It was such a blessing to find such an honest and curteous tire dealer!
One thing I learned and that is when I do need tires, I know exactly where to go!
Store: Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto | Winchester
on 5/22/16
I took my 2005 Silverado in with a long to do list. Chris and George took great care of me and my problem child truck. They stayed in constant communication with me about everything and made needed recommendations. when all was said and done It was like I had a brand new truck. They did a great job and I would recommend them to anyone needing work done.
Store: Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto | Fairfax
on 4/26/16
Dennis & Brandon made break failure while traveling a complete non-issue on a long road trip. I can not thank them enough.