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Store: Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto | Fairfax
on 1/14/17
I actually came here because of the reviews and I am glad I did. John was great in getting me set up to look at the alignment in my car. He asked a lo of questions and was friendly and approachable. He gave me lots of options to consider regarding the diagnostics. In the end he fit me into the schedule got the car taken care of and the problem solved. I was also invited back in the event that there were any other issues. I also appreciated the "team discount" for the day, along with the fact that he went our and replaced my windshield wipers in the rain. Thank you for making this a very easy repair event.
Store: Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto | Fairfax
on 8/6/16
Brandon, Denis, Rich and the whole crew at the Fairfax location are AWESOME! They are very efficient and always there to help. I highly recommend this location if you have any car needs.
Store: Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto | Fairfax
on 5/23/16
My "Thanks," to Rich Green for the exceedingly kind treatment I received last week when I came in to buy a couple of tires. I could feel a little thump in the tires at slow speeds and assumed I had some kind of a major defect in one or more of the tires. Rich took the car for a road test and then put it on a lift and checked all four tires. He showed me how, because I didn't rotate them enough that they didn't wear evenly but that everything was fine and I didn't need any tires. He said there is no danger or anything to be concerned about. After all that I tried to pay him but he said, "No charge." It was such a blessing to find such an honest and curteous tire dealer!
One thing I learned and that is when I do need tires, I know exactly where to go!
Store: Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto | Fairfax
on 4/26/16
Dennis & Brandon made break failure while traveling a complete non-issue on a long road trip. I can not thank them enough.
Store: Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto | Fairfax
on 4/15/16
A quick thanks to Denis for helping to understand synthetic oil and walking me through Lifetime Oil Change program. Thanks, Denis!