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One of the most important safety components on your car or truck is the braking system. As your first and best defense against an accident, ensuring that your brakes will not fail you when you need them most should be a top priority when it comes to maintaining your vehicle. Here at Hogan & Sons in Fairfax, our crew of knowledgeable mechanics have the skills and the latest technology to keep your brakes in tip-top shape and keep you safe on the road.

Whether you are looking for brake repair, brake pad replacement, or have noticed there might be something off about your brakes, our crew will have your brake service handled in no time.

Keep your brakes in good condition with a regular maintenance schedule

One of the best ways to make certain that your brakes remain in working order is to stay on top of regularly scheduled maintenance. Having your brakes, brake pads, brake calipers, and other braking components inspected by a professional mechanic can help prevent further damage to your brake and vehicle and potentially avoid a collision from poor-working brakes.

Here at our Fairfax auto repair shop, we recommend having your brakes serviced twice a year or around every 6,000 miles you drive for the best all-around maintenance schedule.

Indicators of failing or worn brakes

There are signals that your vehicle will give you that indicate you may need to have your brakes serviced. Some of these indicators are:

  • Strange noises while braking. A thumping, scraping, or grinding noise are all signs that something is not functioning properly and needs to be looked at by a brake expert.
  • Less effective braking. A loss of effectiveness while braking is usually an indicator that your brake pads or rotors may be worn down and need to be replaced.
  • Skidding or hesitation when applying the brakes.
  • Strong vibrations when braking.
  • Your ABS brake light is illuminated.
  • A yellow fluid is on the ground when your vehicle is parked. Having a pool of brake fluid on the ground is an indicator that your brake fluid is leaking and it may be dangerous for you to drive.

Though there are many other signals that your vehicle will give you if your brakes need repair, these are some of the main signs you should watch out for while operating your vehicle.

To help ensure you don’t have brake trouble, there are several ways to keep your braking system in good, reliable condition. These include:

  • Driving in accordance with the speed limit.
  • Allowing your vehicle to slow naturally.
  • Avoiding riding on your brakes.
  • Keeping your distance from other drivers so that you can avoid sudden, hard stops.

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Fairfax Brake Shop FAQ

Do Hogan & Sons’ brake shops offer specials on brake repair?

Customers at all of our locations, including our Fairfax brake shop, can take advantage of several ways to save money on our services. We always have coupons and specials available, and we offer the Goodyear credit card to help with those unexpected repairs. The card includes eligibility for double rebates on Goodyear Tire purchases, no annual fee, low monthly payments, and no interest if paid in full within six months. Plus, it’s easy to apply for.

How can I make my brake pads and rotors last longer?

There’s plenty you can do to get more miles from your brake system. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Suddenly braking when you’re driving at high speeds is hard on your brakes. Avoid speeding, and give yourself the time and space to brake gradually.
  • Brake only with your right foot instead of using your left foot to start braking before your right foot is off of the accelerator. Any pressure on the accelerator makes your brakes work harder.
  • Try to keep the weight down in your car or truck. Excess weight adds to your brakes’ workload (and your fuel consumption).

What do brake calipers do?

Each wheel on your vehicle has a brake caliper, and it’s one of the most important components in a disc brake system. Brake calipers help stop your car or truck by squeezing the brake pads against the rotors.

In short, here’s how your brakes work:

  • When you step on the brake pedal, the master cylinder piston moves forward.
  • The piston compresses the brake fluid.
  • The brake fluid forces the calipers toward the rotors.
  • The rotors are squeezed between the brake pads.
  • Friction is then generated, and your vehicle slows.

How often should I take my car in for brake repairs?

The expert brake mechanics at our Fairfax location recommend that you have your brakes professionally serviced twice each year, or around every 6,000 miles. If, however, you notice any of the following signs of brake trouble, don’t wait to schedule maintenance:

  • You need an increasingly greater distance to bring your vehicle to a complete stop.
  • You see yellow puddles of brake fluid beneath your car.
  • You feel a vibration in your brake pedal when you’re braking.
  • You hear grinding, thumping, or squealing noises.

If you don’t notice any of the above signs, but the anti-lock braking system (ABS) light is illuminated on your dashboard, schedule an appointment at our Fairfax brake shop as soon as you can. We will quickly diagnose any issues and give you a quote for any repairs or service that may be recommended.

When should I have my brake fluid changed?

Like many of the fluids in your car or truck, brake fluid breaks down over time so it will need to be changed at some point. Check your owner’s manual for your manufacturer’s recommendation on the interval that’s right for your vehicle. Those recommendations can vary from two to three years or about every 45,000 to 50,000 miles. If you have any questions about the schedule for your car or truck, our ASE-certified mechanics will be glad to answer them.

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