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Enjoy Hassle-Free Tire Service at Hogan & Sons

At Hogan & Sons in South Riding, VA, trusted tire service is always a short visit away. In addition to more than 30 years of operation and customer service that puts a smile on your face, we offer a plethora of tire services for all of your needs. Our tire shop in South Riding not only has a wide selection of the top brand tires, but we also offer an extensive list of maintenance and auto repair services

Whether you're looking for maintenance services such as a tire rotation or perhaps you've got a flat tire and are looking for a trustworthy facility to handle your needs, our tire shop in South Riding is here to get you back on the road. Schedule an appointment today and discover why drivers choose Hogan & Sons for all of their tire-related needs.

New Tires

If you're looking for Goodyear, Michelin, or even Hankook, our tire shop in South Riding carries all of the leading brands. We feature a variety of tires ranging from value to premium, ensuring that all of our customers' needs are met with ease. We can special order tires for your vehicle so that you always have the tires your vehicle needs to perform its best. Whether you're looking for a replacement tire or you need a full set, Hogan & Sons is here to help. 

Tire Repair Services

At Hogan & Sons, we refuse to let a bolt in your tire ruin your day. We offer quality flat tire repair services that allow you to get your tire repaired and back on the road. We perform a full list of tire repair services for all makes and models of vehicles, including:

  • Flat tire repair 
  • Tire patch service
  • Tire plug service
  • Valve stem repair

Tire Maintenance

You may not often think about your tires needing to be maintained, but the truth is that maintaining your tires with proper rotation, balance, and other related services not only helps to protect your investment but also helps you get the most life out of your tires. Here are a few of the many tire maintenance services that we perform:

  • Tire rotation service
  • Tire balance
  • Wheel alignment service
  • Tire inflation
  • Tire pressure adjustment

Trust Hogan & Sons for All Your Tire Services in South Riding 

Hogan & Sons proudly offers quality tire services for all vehicles. Our tire shop in South Riding features ASE-certified mechanics who can perform all of your automotive services with excellence while offering competitive pricing. Striving to make your tire-related services more affordable, we even offer tire discounts and service coupons that allow you to take advantage of certified tire service at prices you can’t pass up. 

Schedule an appointment at Hogan & Sons in South Riding and see why we’re a preferred tire shop for almost all drivers in the community.


How long should four tires last?

The number of miles a tire will serve you will depend largely on a few factors, including time, tire type, and maintenance:


Regardless of how many miles you drive your tires, the rubber compound that gives your tires its ability to absorb imperfections in the road will deteriorate over time. For this reason, it's recommended that you replace your tires about every eight years, even if you still have plenty of tread left.

Tire Type

Although your tires may be properly maintained, the number of miles that you'll be able to get out of a set of tires will depend largely on your tire type. For example, all-season tires typically carry the longest life span and can last up to 80,000 miles. In contrast, winter tires, which are designed to combat snow and ice, may only last about 20,000-30,000 miles.


Tire maintenance is an important step that plays a large role in the number of miles that you get out of your tires. For example, failing to rotate your tires regularly or continuing to drive your vehicle if your wheels are out of alignment can cause uneven tire wear and quickly prompt tire replacement after just 10,000 miles.

Is it better to buy tires online or at a tire shop?

Shopping for tires online is a great way to explore your options and read up on your various tires and how they can affect the performance and handling of your vehicle. Buying tires online also allows you to see the price you'll pay up front and can even expedite your service experience by pre-ordering your tires so that they're ready when you arrive.

In contrast, buying your tires in person at our tire shop in South Riding gives you the benefit of having expert advice on the best set of tires for your particular needs. This benefit allows you to make the most informed decision for your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

In the end, purchasing tires online or at a tire shop is completely your choice; however, many drivers prefer to purchase their tires in person at our tire shop in South Riding. This allows you to take advantage of the knowledge provided by our ASE-certified mechanics and make the most informed decision.

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