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Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto – Our 30+ Year History

Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto has a rich history of providing quality automotive service to Northern Virginia area residents for over 30 years and has become a household name among their local area. Family owned and operated, Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto has garnered a stellar reputation not only for their excellent automotive work, but also for their genuinely warm, friendly and helpful staff. Their tradition of honesty, integrity and high quality workmanship has been built upon the legacy of their founder, the late John Hogan Jr. (1931-2014), a true visionary who put his heart and soul into seeing his family business flourish.

Management guru Peter Drucker once famously said “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.” For Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto, this courageous decision was made in 1984 when John Hogan Jr. took the brave step of opening a fledgling retail tire dealership known as Hogan & Sons, Inc. in Leesburg, Virginia.  Philip Hogan, the youngest of Mr. Hogan’s eight children, described his father as having “an entrepreneurial spirit all his life”, and this penchant towards business ownership finally found expression in the launch of Hogan & Sons over 30 years ago. The business has enjoyed outstanding growth over the past three decades, and has now expanded into eight locations in the northern Virginia region: Leesburg, Fairfax, Falls Church, Herndon, Purcellville, South Riding, Sterling, and Winchester.

While several members of the Hogan family have remained heavily involved in running the business throughout the years, all would agree that the heart and soul of Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto is represented in John Hogan Jr. The eldest of nine children, John Hogan Jr. was born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1931 to parents John F. and Maryann Hogan. The family later moved to Akron, Ohio in 1938, and then relocated in 1943 to Randolph, Ohio. After later graduating from high school in Randolph, Mr. Hogan attended Kent State University. One of the most significant life events happened in 1952 when he married his wife, Mary Jo Siebenaler. The couple raised eight children together: Christine Morris (deceased), John F. III, Paula Brown, Gregory, Therese McIntosh, Kathleen Trexler, Susan, and Philip. After graduating from Akron University with a degree in English, Mr. Hogan took a position with Commercial Credit Corp., working in Columbus, Ohio as a loan manager. He later worked for Beneficial Finance, and then returned to Akron in 1957 to begin a significant career training step, entering and graduating from Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company’s Management Training Squadron program. Mr. Hogan would then spend the next 30 years working for Goodyear, transferring to Washington, DC in 1972 to take on a position as Government Marketing representative. He retired from Goodyear in 1987, three years after making the courageous decision to launch Hogan & Sons, Inc. in 1984.

Although Mr. Hogan would no longer be an employee of Goodyear after 1987, he maintained a lifelong partnership with the company by faithfully carrying Goodyear tires in all of his tire dealership locations. Indeed, Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company has been an integral part of the Hogan family for multiple decades, stretching back into history well beyond the inception of Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto. Mr. Hogan’s father was also an employee of Goodyear, working as chief of security for several years at the Akron-based tire manufacturer.  Mr. Hogan’s siblings (at different times) have worked for Goodyear. According to Philip Hogan, several spouses of the family have been employed by the tire maker as well. Prior to becoming involved in the founding of Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto, all three of Mr. Hogan’s sons had worked for Goodyear. In an interview with top industry publication Tire Business, Philip Hogan summed up what is perhaps the sentiment of the entire Hogan & Sons family by saying that he has “rubber in his blood”.

The family’s long-standing relationship with the iconic tire manufacturer made choosing to be a supplier of Goodyear tires a rather intuitive decision. Goodyear itself has enjoyed the relationship with the Hogan family as well; in August of 2014, representatives from the company surprised Mr. Hogan with a plaque to honor his long-time commitment to the company as a trusted tire supplier. The impressive expansion of the Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto business has proved to be financially beneficial for both sides as well; the family-owned enterprise now generates more than $15 million in yearly sales in partnership with Goodyear. While Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto has enjoyed a healthy rate of growth and success over the years, Philip Hogan states that they are far from being finished; they plan to continue to expand beyond their current stable of eight locations.

Since its founding, Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto has undergone a handful of ownership changes, but they continue to keep control of the business within the family. In the late 1990s, Gregory Hogan retired his portion of the business by selling it to his father and his brother John F. Hogan III. Brother and sister Philip and Susan Hogan took ownership of the business in 2012, and now serve as district managers, overseeing four stores each. Philip also serves in a dual capacity as company treasurer, and Susan serves as secretary for the company in addition to her role as district manager. Philip Hogan’s sister, Paula Brown, serves as human resources director for the company, and their cousin Brian Hogan currently serves as Chief Financial Officer. Mary Jo Hogan, the late Mr. Hogan’s wife, currently serves on the board of directors, and once held the position of Vice President of the company.

This extensive family involvement has no doubt contributed to the success of Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto. Customers all over the Northern Virginia region will be quick to tell you that no matter which location you choose for your auto repair needs, you will be treated with friendliness, courtesy, respect, and honesty. Beyond the hard-working family members that continue to carry on the daily operations of Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto, the enduring legacy that John Hogan Jr. has left has been one of treating people like family, which shines through in every facet of this phenomenal business.

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