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April is Car Care Month

Sterling, Virginia - April is Car Care Month - Hogan and Sons Tire and Auto


Sterling, Virginia 

This month is National Car Care Month!  According to Carcare.com in a recent survey,


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How Much Should I Spend Each Year to Maintain My Car?

Buying a car is just the first part of the financial equation. Going forward, you have to think about the maintenance cost. Without proper planning, you might find that monthly maintenance costs combined with car payments have become too much of a burden. 

So before you even buy a car, sit down and try to figure out how much you should be spending monthly on repairs and maintenance. If you already own a car, it is time to make a smart plan and stick to it. Planning ensures that you are always ready for any car emergency and could actually help you lower maintenance cost. 
What’s Your Car Brand? 
Maintenance costs ...
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Four Ways to Prepare for a Thanksgiving Road Trip

Updated: February 22nd, 2017

Sterling, Virginia - The weather's cooling and bears are heading for their comfy hibernation caves. But not us; we're gearing up for the busiest travel days of the year: Thanksgiving weekend. And that means it's time to get your car ready for colder weather and more miles on the odometer. Whether you're headed south for the sun or through the back roads to grandma's house, there are a few things you can do before you pack up the car to keep your focus on the journey ahead. A little preparation now can save you lots of time and money later, keep you off the side of the road and help you avoid unknown auto shops.


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Car Care Tips - How to Get Your Car to Reach 300,000 Miles


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Why Isn't My A/C Blowing Cold?

Why isn't my AC Cold



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