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Hogan & Sons is 100% committed to providing the best customer care, along with superior auto repair services, to the people of northern Virginia. Our mechanics are ASE-certified with the experience and knowledge to tackle any car repair problem you bring to our auto shops.

We provide preventative car maintenance services, engine diagnostics testing using the latest auto technology, written quotes before any work is started, reasonable prices, and trustworthy repair work. Use our online appointment scheduling, relax in our customer lounge with Wi-Fi, and free coffee, or take advantage of our free shuttle service.

Our service staff makes it their job to offer every customer the best possible value. Ask about our dedicated credit card and a great selection of coupons and specials.

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There is no need to go anywhere else! Hogan & Sons offers the following:

Preventative Car Maintenance

Preventative car maintenance is designed to identify small issues before there is a need for expensive repairs or replacements. It includes the following:

  • Inspect and replace/flush the engine fluids: oil change, brake fluid, power steering fluid, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, antifreeze, coolant
  • Check and/or replace filters: air filter, oil filter, fuel filter
  • Tire balancing and rotation
  • Tire alignment
  • Check all lights
  • Check wiper blades
  • Examine tires for wear and air pressure
  • Check and/or change brake pads
  • Tighten nuts and bolts
  • Inspect belts and hoses
  • Check for leaks or oxidation
  • Test the battery
  • Check HVAC system: vents, air conditioning, and heating, etc
  • Run engine diagnostics
  • Brake pad check

Manufacturer recommendations are to schedule preventative maintenance at 30,000-, 60,000-, and 90,000 miles.

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Complete Car Repair Services

Let’s face it: A car is a complicated machine with many systems overlapping and often operating at the same time. Parts are sometimes disposable, and others wear out over time. The longer you keep your car, the more value you receive from your investment. We want to be part of your car care team to protect that investment.

Our mechanics are prepared to work on the following parts or systems:

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Tire Sales and Installation

Hogan & Sons sells, installs, and services tires! Tires have a limited lifespan, like many other parts in a car. It’s critical to replace tires before they create a safety hazard for everyone in your vehicle.

Check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommendations and then use our online tire selector. Some other things to keep in mind as you choose your new tires are your budget, your driving habits, the roads you generally drive on, the climate where you live, and how you usually use the vehicle.

Once you have narrowed your selections down, make an appointment to come in and work with one of our tire specialists to choose your new tires.

The new tires will then be properly installed. The tire mechanic will:

  • Check the lug nuts for wear
  • Install new valve stems
  • Mount the tires
  • Balance the wheels
  • Inspect the disc brake calipers
  • Measure the space between calipers, tires, and rims to inspect for potential obstructions
  • Tighten lugs to correct torque

We offer Lifetime Tire Rotation on new tire purchases of Goodyear®, Dunlop®, and Kelly® products. This valuable warranty is good for the life of the usable tire tread (2/32″). Hogan & Sons also offers free tire rotation every 6 months or 6,000 miles.

Commercial Fleet Services

Our commercial customers receive the same superior service as individual clients. We handle any size company, whether it is a few vehicles or dozens. We maintain and repair trucks, vans, or cars and also offer vehicle financing, fuel management, health and safety management, and telematics. Hogan & Sons seek to help you improve efficiency and productivity, as well as reduce your overall transportation and staff costs.

State Emissions and Safety Inspections

Virginia requires emissions inspection for certain counties and cities. The inspection is valid for two years and can be obtained through an on-road emissions test OR by visiting a certified emissions inspection station, such as Hogan & Sons. (Please note that emissions inspections are not currently available at our Fairfax and Falls Church locations.)

Vehicles cannot be registered in the specified areas of the state without a valid emissions inspection.

The state of Virginia also requires that all vehicles pass a safety inspection every year. This inspection includes examination of the lights and signals, windows and wipers, tires, steering and suspension, brakes, fuel and exhaust systems, seatbelts, mirrors, and more. An emission inspection only covers emissions from the tailpipe.

Let us help as we strive to make the entire inspection process as speedy and thorough as possible.

Nationwide Limited Auto Repair Warranty

This limited auto repair warranty is made and is serviced by the Tire & Service Network provider who performed the repairs named on your repair invoice. This limited warranty will be honored by any participating Tire & Service Network outlet nationwide,* if you require limited warranty service 25 or more miles from the location where the warranted original service was performed. (*Check with your local Hogan & Sons for services.)

This limited warranty covers only you (the original purchaser), and the motor vehicle identified on the original repair invoice. It applies only during the limited warranty periods stated in this folder. See all detailed info, including exclusions, here.

We Are Your Car Repair Partner!

No matter what your auto repair or tire need is, Hogan & Sons can help! Let us set a preventative maintenance schedule for your vehicle today. Our expert mechanics can also repair any system in your car, plus we have hundreds of new tires to choose from.

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Virginia Auto Repair FAQ

How do you shop around for auto repair?

You have many choices of shops and garages for car repair. Below are a few ways to narrow down your options while searching for the best auto repair shop:

  • Ask your family and friends: Word of mouth is one of the easiest and most effective ways to find an auto repair shop. Listen to recommendations from people who have a vehicle like yours. Do you know that guy with a car like yours that is always in pristine condition? Ask him!
  • Search the Internet: There are dozens of ways to check out any business on the internet. Look for repair shops and their mechanics through RepairPal and Yelp. Don’t forget to check out your area’s Facebook groups related to auto repair. The Better Business Bureau also provides information on businesses.
  • Check for repair shop specializations: If you have a Jaguar, it would be wise to seek out auto repair shops that specialize in repairing these types of vehicles. Several garages have specific specialties, so they are more likely to have the latest training and equipment to effectively repair your vehicle. You can also contact Hogan & Sons for any questions you have regarding specializations.

How do I know what’s wrong with my car?

Let’s face it; most people aren’t car experts. Here are some red flags that something’s not right with your vehicle:

  • Warning lights: When any warning light illuminates, pay attention. Don’t assume the light is faulty. Make an appointment at Hogan & Sons as soon as possible to get the light diagnosed and resolved.
  • Leaking fluid: Puddles of fluid on the ground underneath a vehicle are usually an indication of a problem. It might be brake fluid, transmission fluid, coolant, gear lubricant, or windshield washer fluid. Let a mechanic at Hogan & Sons check it out to determine if it’s serious.
  • New or unusual noises: Grinding, squealing, ticking, popping, banging, bubbling, gurgling, or screeching are obvious trouble signals.
  • Low tires or uneven tread wear: Look at your tires every time you fill up with gas. If you notice any uneven tread wear or objects in a tire, bring it to Hogan & Sons for a tire check.

A high percentage of car repairs are due to driver neglect. Pay attention to your car and get it into the shop so we can determine the problem and fix it.

And don’t forget about our check out or coupons page! Be sure to visit this page often, as our specials change frequently.

How do I find a good mechanic near me?

Finding a trustworthy, competent mechanic can be difficult. This is a good reason to establish an ongoing working relationship with an auto repair shop and their mechanics like you can do at Hogan & Sons. Over time, the mechanic and service staff will know your car and have its history available.

Here are some other things to consider as you look for a good mechanic:

  • Make sure that the shop is easy to contact and is clean and professional looking.
  • Check for ASE certifications for the auto shop’s mechanics and the Better Business Bureau or similar organizations.
  • A good mechanic in a local car repair shop will be open to answering questions you have about your repairs.
  • Good mechanics won’t use jargon or hard-to-understand language when they talk to customers.
  • Honest mechanics will provide you with a quote and then an estimate once they inspect your car.
  • They will include all fees, parts, labor, and taxes in their estimates.
  • Their recommendations will align with the service recommendations in your owner’s manual.

We provide superior auto repair services delivered by the top ASE-certified mechanics with the training and experience to tackle whatever auto issue you bring to us. Look no further than Hogan & Sons!

Can I ask a mechanic for a quote?

Absolutely! And we will gladly provide a quote before you even arrive at our shop. Once we inspect the vehicle, we will provide a more detailed estimate.

Here are some reasons why you should always get a written estimate before getting your vehicle repaired:

  • A written estimate will give you a detailed description of the actual work that will be done on the vehicle, and the total cost, including parts and labor, disposal fees, and taxes.
  • A written statement indicates that the estimated quote amount won’t be exceeded by a certain percentage or dollar amount without the customer’s approval.
  • The estimate can save a lot of problems between you and the repair shop. If there is a dispute, the written estimate is like a contract between you and the auto repair shop.
  • You will need the estimate when filing an insurance claim for the repairs. The insurance provider will insist on a written estimate before proceeding with any repairs on your vehicle. If the other driver was at fault, an estimate is the evidence of the cost of repairing your car. You can also use the written estimate if you need to claim damages in a legal matter.

Are local repair shops cheaper than dealerships?

Prices at every car repair shop can vary depending on your area, the make and model of your vehicle, and several other factors. However, local auto repair shops a generally more affordable than dealerships for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Many independent car repair shops were started by mechanics trained at dealerships. They have the expertise and knowledge but can charge less for repairs due to less overhead cost.
  • Typically, these are smaller auto shops, and customers can talk directly with the mechanic working on their car. They don’t have any loyalty to a manufacturer. They answer you.
  • Independent auto shops work on many car brands and also often honor third-party warranties.
  • Independent auto shops can get original manufacturer parts for car repairs and servicing. They can offer rebuilt parts and less expensive, alternative parts

Here are some of several reasons why a dealership service department may charge you more for auto repair:

  • Dealerships must use factory-made equipment and parts from the manufacturer. This means high-quality control, but it can take longer and cost more if a part is out of stock.
  • Dealerships help support the dealership’s constant need for an inventory of cars to sell, so rates for services are often higher.
  • Dealerships have to be price competitive since many of their customers buy cars at the dealership and then use the service department for inspections, repairs, and warranty work.

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