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One of the most important parts of vehicle upkeep is replacing old, worn out tires. Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto offers quality affordable tire services, including new or seasonal tire installation in Virginia and surrounding areas. Trust only the tire installation experts at Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto to install your next set of tires.

What is Tire Installation: Routine tire maintenance is important – both to keep your family safe, and to ensure your vehicle’s long lifespan. Always check your owner’s manual to find the right tire size to fit your vehicle’s year, make, and model. New tires should be purchased in sets of 4, or at least in matching groups of two on each axle. This keeps your tire wear even and extends the life of your new tires. You can shop for new tires on our site by size, brand, or vehicle make, model, and year. Browse our extensive stock of new tires, and compare tire specifications and prices before you purchase, to ensure you are getting the best new tires for your needs and budget at Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto.

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Hogan & Sons Tire Installation Services

Why replace your tires: All tire tread has a finite lifespan and begins to wear, eventually creating a potential safety hazard for you and your passengers. Tire wear happens with typical driving, although various other factors such as driving habits, driving conditions, and weather may shorten the life of your tires.

You might need new tires if:

  • Your tread is below 4/32″, or cannot pass the “penny” test
  • Footstep is visibly lowered or flush with the tread bars
  • Uneven tread wear
  • Bulges, bumps or soft spots on the tire
  • Damage to the tire that cannot be mended

Our mechanics at Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto are trained on proper tire installation. New tire installation consists of:mechanic changing wheels at the car service

  • Checking the lug nuts for wear
  • Installing new valve stems
  • Mounting the tires
  • Correct balancing of the wheels
  • Inspecting the disc brake caliper clearance
  • Measuring the space between calipers, tires and rims to inspect for potential obstructions
  • Tightening lugs to correct torque


Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto offers New and Seasonal Tire Installation in Virginia

When it’s time to replace your tires, contact Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto, your new tire installation experts in Virginia. You will benefit from a new tire installation with a smoother, safer ride and less wear and tear on your new tires.  Browse our huge inventory of new tires online and compare tire specifications and costs. Contact Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto to let our tire experts help guide you in your selection of the best tires for your needs. Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto is thrilled to be your number one place for new tires and tire installation services in Virginia and surrounding areas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even if you have the best tires on the market, they won’t last forever. Eventually, your tire tread will start wearing out. When this happens, tire repairs may not be possible. Instead, you’ll need to replace your tires completely.

The good news is that a fresh set of tires can come with a significant boost to your car’s traction and handling. However, tire installation isn’t a simple process—and doing it wrong can make your new tires less effective than they should be. To ensure your new tires are correctly mounted, balanced, and aligned, your best bet is to work with a qualified auto shop for this tire service.

As a Northern Virginia resident, you already know how easy it is to find a tire shop in the area. Unfortunately, not all of these shops are up to the same quality standard, and some might knowingly overcharge you for subpar tire installation services. Thus, the real challenge is finding a tire shop that’s worth your time and money.

However, you’re not the only person who needs to find an auto shop in this part of the country. By talking to friends, family members, and coworkers, you’ll be able to get a sense of which shops are trustworthy and which ones aren’t. At Hogan & Sons, we’ve been working on tires for 30-plus years. That accomplishment has only been possible thanks to our unimpeachable reputation and our focus on quality customer service.

When you take your car to your nearest Hogan & Sons location for tire replacement, we’ll start by removing your old tires/wheels and inspecting them for wear and tear. Then, we’ll mount the new tires that are best for your individual needs, along with installing new valve stems. Our team will also balance and align your new tires before calling it a day.

In most situations, it’s not a good idea to replace a single tire without changing the other three. That’s because doing so can result in uneven tread wear, which may shorten the lifespan of your tires. While it’s essential to avoid this situation on any vehicle, it’s particularly vital for cars and trucks with all-wheel drive (AWD). AWD systems need your tires to spin at the same speed, and replacing individual tires can cause problems in this regard.

If you’re looking for a compromise between getting a complete set of tires and replacing just one tire, there is one option to keep in mind. In some cases, you can get away with replacing two tires on the same axle. The pros at Hogan & Sons will be able to figure out just what tire replacement strategy is best for your vehicle. Along the way, we can make it easy for you to save on tire replacement expenses.

It’s impossible to estimate the lifespan of your tires without additional information. The life of your tires will vary based on several factors, including the weather you typically drive in, the driving conditions you deal with daily, and your personal driving habits. That said, it’s wise to have your tires professionally inspected after five years of use. You should also replace your tires and spare after driving on them for a decade.

It’s easy to overlook spare tires—when you don’t need them, that is. Since this often-overlooked tire can save you when you’re in a pinch, you’ll want to make sure it’s up to snuff when you do find yourself stuck. Spare tires can last for years since they’re not regularly used; however, all rubber products degrade eventually, including these tires.

If you have a smaller spare tire and you’re wondering if it needs replacement, you can check its tread in the same way you do for other tires. On the other hand, if you use a full-size spare tire, you may want to replace it when you switch out your regular tires.

A number of steps can help to extend the lifespan of your tires. These include:

  • Regularly checking your tires for worn treads, damage, and objects stuck in the tread
  • Making sure your tires are correctly inflated at least once a month
  • Being careful while driving—not braking or cornering too hard, not speeding, and steering clear of debris and potholes
  • Taking caution not to exceed the maximum load capacity of your tires
  • Getting tire balancing and rotation services handled by a professional regularly (and when needed)

As Northern Virginia’s best tire shop, Hogan & Sons is proud to offer a full range of services related to tire maintenance. You can count on us for tire balancing and rotation, flat tire repair, and more—all of which can help your new tires last as long as possible.

Tire balancing (AKA wheel balancing) can go a long way towards extending the lifespan of your tires, whether they’re new or you’ve already used them for years. With the help of computerized tire equipment, the employees of Hogan & Sons can detect weight differences as slight as one-quarter of an ounce. Even when they’re this minor, weight discrepancies can result in uneven tread wear. Still, tire balancing can detect and eliminate this problem.

Like tire balancing, tire rotation is crucial for maintaining even tread wear on your new tires while protecting your safety. But despite their similar names, tire rotation and tire balancing are two completely different services. Unlike tire balancing, tire rotation involves moving your tires to new positions on your vehicle.

If your tires are completely new, they should be able to go about 5,000 miles before they’ll need a tire rotation. Otherwise, you should have tire rotation work done at regular intervals. As a rule of thumb, have a tire rotation done at the same time as an oil and filter change.

Even new tires constantly lose air over time, so you’ll want to check your tire pressure every so often—that is, at least once a month. Outside of this, be sure to check your air pressure:

  • Before towing or hauling heavy loads
  • In preparation for a long drive
  • If your vehicle has been parked for an extended period

Tire pressure monitoring systems can tell you when your pressure goes below a certain level. However, it’s still a good idea to check your tire pressure manually. Even if your tire pressure isn’t low enough to trigger this system, it can still affect your tire wear and fuel efficiency. Checking your tire pressure just takes a few minutes per month, and it will allow you to check your tires for any other problems they might have developed.

The people working at Hogan & Sons are your Northern Virginia neighbors. Because of that, we know how unpleasant it can be to deal with expenses related to auto repair. Keeping that in mind, we offer a broad selection of coupons for our services.

Do you need additional financial support for your new tires? We have also partnered with Goodyear to provide a credit card with special six-month financing. You’ll also get savings on tire purchases with this card!

Hogan & Sons serves customers throughout Northern Virginia. For a complete list of our shops, visit our locations page.

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