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Make Hogan & Sons Your Headquarters For Auto Repair and Maintenance 

At the Leesburg location of Hogan & Sons, we bring our expertise to every auto repair and service we perform. Our team of experienced auto mechanics make Hogan & Sons so much more than just a tire shop—we also offer a comprehensive range of auto repair, auto services and preventative maintenance. With quality in every repair, Hogan & Sons is one of the top auto shops in Leesburg for auto care.

Get More with Your Oil Change

Maintaining regular oil changes in your car or truck is a key element of the preventative maintenance on your vehicle. Not only does this involve changing your oil and oil filter, but when you choose Hogan & Sons for your oil change, we will also check your air filters and perform other checks to help make sure your car or truck is in good condition. Take advantage of our full-service oil changes, which include fluid refills, fitting oiling, and much more. 

We recommend having your oil changed every 3,000 to 6,000 miles to make sure that your engine will continue running smoothly and will be free of build up or debris in your oil. 

Tire Shop and Tire Services

We have the best tire pros in Leesburg, ready to help you select the tires that are right for your car or truck. We offer the top tire brands, and you can browse our selection on our online tire shop. If you need assistance with choosing the best tire for you, our tire technicians will be glad to help.

When you need to ensure that your tires are in good, safe condition, trust our tire shop team to provide all of the services you need. We offer expert tire repair, tire balancing, tire rotation, wheel alignments, and much more.

Bring Your Brake Problems to Us

We recommend having your vehicle’s brakes inspected at least once a year to make sure they’re operating safely. If you notice a high-pitched squeak when braking, a grinding noise when you’re ot braking, or vibration when you brake, it’s important to schedule an appointment for a brake check as soon as possible. The brake technicians at our Leesburg location will take care of any problems and get you back on the road quickly.

Auto A/C Service and Repair

Keeping the cabin of your vehicle the right temperature is not just a comfort, but a necessity. In the months of the year with intense heat or cold, it is important to be sure that you and your passengers are protected from the harsh conditions. Hogan & Sons Tire and Auto offer auto A/C repair and service and will help keep you comfortable and safe from extreme temperatures. 

Put Your Vehicle in Our Capable Hands

Whether you need to have your oil changed, brakes serviced, preventative maintenance done, or any of our other services performed, Hogan & Sons is your home for Leesburg auto repair. 

Our team of expert mechanics have the experience and the knowledge to handle any of your auto repair needs. Make an appointment today!

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Leesburg Auto Repair Shop FAQ

If my car is under the dealership’s warranty, can I still get a car repaired at your shop?

Yes—you have the right to take your vehicle to any car repair mechanic for service. When you bring your car or truck into our Leesburg auto repair shop, not only will your warranty remain in force, but you’ll also receive the same level of service that you’d get at your dealership.

What preventative car maintenance services do you offer at your auto shops?

Hogan & Sons has a complete range of preventative car maintenance services provided by our expert mechanics. These services can help you save money by catching minor issues before they become major repairs.

Here are some of the preventative maintenance services you can get at our Leesburg auto shop:

  • Tire balancing, rotation, and alignment
  • Tire inspection
  • Inspection of belts and hoses
  • Battery test
  • Inspection and replacement of fluids, such as oil, brake fluid, transmission fluid, and power steering fluid
  • Brake pads check and/or replacement
  • Heating and air conditioning check
  • Engine diagnostics check

Why should I go to an auto mechanic for an oil change?

While there are plenty of quick oil change shops in the Leesburg area, they aren’t auto repair shops. You can get more for your time and money by having a qualified mechanic do your oil change. At Hogan & Sons, our ASE-certified mechanics will not only change your oil; we also top off your fluids, inspect your belts and hoses, check your tire pressure, inspect your vehicle’s undercarriage, and much more. These extra services are a great value and may help prevent unexpected car repairs down the road.

Does Hogan & Sons ever have special deals on Leesburg car repairs?

Absolutely! We know how important it is to our customers to be able to save money on auto repairs and service, so we always offer you ways to save:

We have auto service coupons and specials every day on our promotions page. You can save on everything from oil changes to tires. Be sure to check for savings and rebates before you come into our Leesburg auto shop for your next service or repair. Get the money you need for unexpected repairs with a Goodyear credit card. You’ll be eligible for double rebates on Goodyear Tire purchases, have low monthly payments, and no annual fee. Applying for the Goodyear credit card is fast and easy.

My “check engine” light is on. What does it mean?

This light comes on when one of the sensors in your car or truck detects some kind of value that is out of the preset range for that value.

If your light does come on, bring it to Hogan & Sons. Our mechanics can quickly determine the meaning of the code with our engine diagnostics service. Keep in mind that although some auto parts stores can read the diagnostic trouble code that caused your light to come on, it takes an experienced mechanic to identify the problem specifically indicated and resolve it.

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