Why is Virginia for Lovers?

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How did Virginia get such a sweet slogan?  Formed on the tails of the summer of love, Virginia is for Lovers has represented the Virginia tourism industry for nearly 50 years.


The Legacy of the Summer of Love

From the Summer of Love, to “All you Need is Love,” to Love Story, the 60s were a decade of love. So in 1969 when the Virginia State Travel Services employed the Richmond-based advertising firm Martin and Wolf to create a new tourism campaign, love was in the air. The goal of the campaign was to position Virginia as a travel destination for a new generation.  They knew the logo needed to appeal to the 1960s pop-culture audience and if possible, be a bit racy.  The challenge, Virginia has so much love, how could one tagline capture it all.


So Much to Love in Virginia

With so much to love in Virginia, it seemed nearly impossible to capture it in one single slogan.  The Virginia is for Lovers campaign started as a series of taglines created by a $100 a week copywriter, Robin McLaughlin on George Woltz’s team. She created a series of taglines that captured each of the unique destinations that Virginia offers. Virginia is for Mountain Lovers would highlight the scenic Blue Ridge mountains.  Virginia is for Beach Lovers focused on relaxing beach vacations. Virginia is for History Lovers highlighted the battlefields and historical tours available.  These taglines felt clunky and complicated so Woltz and Martin simplified the catch phrase to “Virginia is for Lovers.”  It felt fresh, sexy, and captured the modern feel of the next generation of Virginia vacationers.


The Legacy of Virginia is for Lovers

The slogan appeared for the first time in a 1969 issue of Modern Bride.  This first placement forged its connection to romance, and since then Virginia is for Lovers has appeared in countless advertisements. In 2009 on the 40th anniversary of the campaign, Virginia is for Lovers, received commendations for Forbes and The Madison Avenue Advertising Walk of Fame.


Virginia is for Lovers Today

A fresh and modern Virginia is for Lovers sign greets travelers at the Dulles airport.  In addition to new styling, Virginia is for Lovers had gotten a modern makeover with the new Live Passionately campaign. The Live Passionately campaign highlights all the individual attractions and activities that are available when you visit Virginia.  From t-shirts to billboards to tv commercials the romantic slogan has become synonymous with the state’s $21.5 Billion annual tourism industry. They got it right in 1969; there is so much to love about Virginia, it must be for lovers.   

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