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If you live in Fairfax, Virginia, and want to keep your car running as smoothly as possible, scheduling an oil change service regularly is crucial. A complete car oil change doesn’t just involve changing your oil, despite what you might think. It can also include necessary services like:

  • Changing the oil filter and air filter
  • Inspecting/topping off fluids
  • Looking at the engine for punctures
  • Oiling all fittings
  • Observing the condition of belts and hoses
  • Checking tire inflation levels
  • Inspecting the undercarriage

At Hogan & Sons’ Fairfax auto shop location, you’ll get all these services and more from our expert mechanics when it’s time for your car’s next oil change. We’re Virginia’s most trusted company for oil changes, and we can’t wait to give your vehicle the best oil change around.

Know When You Need an Oil Change

Any motor vehicle needs new oil/oil filters to keep running like it should. Oil lubricates your engine, cutting down on friction that could wear out engine components. It also helps by redistributing heat throughout the engine. Just having the right amount of oil isn’t enough—your oil also needs to be unburnt and free of debris.

Ideally, you should get an oil change at least once every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. For a more precise recommendation, check your car’s user manual. Even once you’ve taken that into account, there are a few situations where you might need an oil change earlier than average. Be sure to check and possibly change your oil when you notice:

  • Unusual “pinging” or “knocking” sounds from your engine
  • Dirty oil or oil filter
  • The “check engine” or “check oil” light is on

Need Oil Change in Fairfax? Visit Hogan & Sons for Expert, Friendly Service

To truly benefit from the oil change process, you’ll need to find a Fairfax auto shop that can give you the service you deserve. A subpar car oil change won’t include many of the services you’d expect, all while being as expensive—or even pricier than—a much better oil change.

When it’s time to figure out where to get your next oil change, keep an eye out for:

  • Reasonable oil change pricing. An oil change shouldn’t be wildly expensive. Still, considering how vital this service is for your vehicle, it’s best not to cut corners.
  • Qualified auto repair technicians. No one wants inexperienced workers to repair their car, so why settle for less when planning an oil change?
  • Products from reliable brands. If your oil change involves name-brand products, chances are your service isn’t anything to write home about, either.

To make sure you’re getting all three of these advantages, schedule your next Fairfax oil change at Hogan & Sons! We offer fair prices for the thorough work we do. We employ the best technicians the area has to offer and provide a total Valvoline oil change to each of our customers. Book your appointment online today!

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Fairfax Oil Change Service FAQ

What happens if you don’t change your oil?

There’s a lot that can go wrong with your car or truck when you don’t change your oil, including:

  • Premature wear of your engine’s components caused by friction.
  • Poor engine performance caused by circulating sludge through your engine.
  • Increased fuel consumption caused by your engine having to work harder.
  • A voided warranty due to not having your vehicle serviced according to factory specifications.
  • Overheating of your engine because old, dirty, or insufficient oil can’t help reduce heat.
  • A seized engine, which is the most serious risk of not changing your oil. When oil turns to sludge and can’t reduce heat in your engine, you may end up with a blown head gasket or even warped components that prevent the engine from turning over. If this happens, you can expect to pay to have the engine replaced since a seized engine cannot be repaired.

If you need an oil change, come into our Fairfax location for a fast, affordable oil change service. Our Valvoline oil changes offer the best protection for your engine and help extend the life of your vehicle. You can easily make an oil change appointment online now.

What are the signs that you need an oil change?

Some issues with your car or truck may not be easy to spot, but determining if it’s time for an oil change is fairly straightforward. In addition to checking your oil level with the dipstick, look for these signs:

  • Noises: Oil that’s breaking down can’t do its job of lubricating the metal parts that make contact with each other, so you may hear knocking or rumbling sounds if you need an oil change.
  • Dashboard lights: If your “check engine” or oil light comes, check your oil level right away. If it’s very low, make an appointment for an oil change as soon as you can.
  • Exhaust smoke instead of vapor: It’s normal to see vapor coming from your tailpipe if temperatures are low, but if you see smoke, it may be an indication that you have an oil leak.

How much should an oil change cost in Fairfax?

The price of an oil change depends on whether your car or truck uses conventional or synthetic oil. Synthetic oil costs more, but you can go longer between oil changes. Look to pay anywhere from $35 to $70 for a conventional oil change and anywhere from $70 to $120 for a synthetic oil change. At Hogan & Sons, you can save on your next oil change by checking our coupons page for oil change specials.

How long does an oil change take?

An oil change is one of the fastest yet most important car maintenance tasks there is. Allow about 30 to 45 minutes for an oil change service, which includes (at a minimum) draining the old oil from your engine, removing your oil filter and installing a new one, and refilling the oil.

At the Fairfax location of Hogan & Sons, we also inspect your engine, belts, and hoses; check and top off other fluids; check your tire pressure, and more.

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