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Do you own a vehicle in Herndon, Virginia? If so, you know how important it is to find a reliable auto shop for oil change service. Ideally, this service should go beyond merely changing your oil. During an oil change, reputable shops will also:

  • Change your oil filter and air filter
  • Inspect fluids and top them off
  • Check your engine for punctures
  • Oil your fittings
  • Ensure your belts and hoses are in good shape
  • Check your tire inflation levels
  • Inspect your undercarriage

In the local area, you can’t go wrong when you take your vehicle to Hogan & Sons’ Herndon auto repair shop location. There, you’ll get all of the services listed above and more. Better yet, your vehicle will be taken care of by Virginia’s best technicians.

When Should You Schedule an Oil Change?

Put simply, your vehicle needs a full-fledged car oil change every so often. Without oil, your engine won’t be adequately lubricated, and the resulting friction will cause engine components to wear out more quickly than usual. Furthermore, heat won’t be distributed evenly throughout the engine. And even if you have enough oil, you may still need an oil change if your oil is burnt or contains debris.

With that in mind, when do you need an oil change service? It makes sense to get new oil every 3,000-5,000 miles for many drivers. That isn’t the case for everyone—your car’s user manual may have a more accurate estimate. Still, you might need an oil change ahead of schedule if you notice:

  • Dirty oil or a dirty oil filter
  • Your “check engine” or “check oil” light has turned on
  • Strange sounds coming from your engine

The moment you observe any of these warning signs, it’s time to take action. In Herndon, this can be as easy as giving us a call to schedule an oil change service.

Reasons to Pick Hogan & Sons

Without access to a reliable auto shop in Herndon, you won’t be able to get a car oil change that lives up to your standards. Even if the oil change itself is okay, it likely won’t come with the wide range of services many drivers look for. At the same time, it might be as expensive as a complete oil change—if not even more costly.

Are you looking for a fantastic shop for your next oil change? Here are a few signs that can indicate you’re on the right track:

  • Good prices that aren’t unrealistically low. While many auto repairs are expensive, the same doesn’t apply to oil changes. That said, this is an essential service for your vehicle, so don’t settle for less.
  • Auto repair technicians with the skills they need to get the job done. If an auto shop’s workers aren’t qualified, they won’t be able to deliver quality service—even when it comes to relatively simple jobs like oil changes.
  • Trustworthy brand names. After all, the most recognized brands in auto service got that way for a reason.

Luckily, you can get these benefits by setting up a Herndon oil change at Hogan & Sons! Your car will be looked at by the most highly qualified technicians in the state, and you’ll get a total Valvoline oil change—all at a fantastic price. To get started, book your appointment online ASAP!

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Herndon Oil Change Services FAQ

How do I know when I need an oil change service?

When your oil can no longer do its job of lubricating your engine and keeping it cool, there are several ways it may let you know. Here are a few indicators that your oil is too old and dirty to fully protect your engine:

  • Your oil change light or “check engine” light on your dashboard comes on. If you see this, immediately check the dipstick to find out what your oil level is. If it’s excessively low, it may not be enough to simply add more oil; you may need to have an oil change as soon as possible to prevent damage to your engine.
  • Your oil is unusually dark, or you see particles or debris when you check the dipstick. Although oil that still has plenty of life in it won’t appear clear, there’s a point where there’s too much sludge circulating through your engine. If you can’t see the dipstick through the oil, it may be time for an oil change.
  • You hear your engine knocking. When oil is too dirty to keep a protective layer on your engine, you may hear sounds that indicate metal is brushing against metal in your engine. This is a clear sign that you should get an oil change service as soon as you can.

Can’t I do a car oil change myself?

An oil change can be a do-it-yourself job, but there are good reasons to leave it up to a qualified mechanic. You may have a car or truck that doesn’t give you easy access to the oil filter or oil pan bolt, which can make a DIY oil change a time-consuming process. You may also miss seeing an oil leak, use the wrong oil for your engine, or even cross-thread the oil filter.

The oil changes at our Herndon auto repair location are fast and affordable. We can also properly dispose of the used oil, which is something that’s not always easy when you’re doing an oil change yourself.

What’s the best type of oil for my car or truck?

You should check your owner’s manual or go online to find out what type and weight of oil your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends. The oil change experts at our Herndon auto shop location can also make a recommendation.

At Hogan & Sons, we offer Valvoline conventional, synthetic, and synthetic blend oils. Each of these has different qualities. For example, full synthetic oil has fewer impurities and is more resistant to breaking down, so you can go longer between oil changes. A synthetic blend, which is a mix of conventional oil and synthetic oil, gives your engine better protection than conventional or traditional oil but not as much protection as full synthetic oil.

If it’s time for your next oil change, don’t wait—schedule your Valvoline oil change at our Herndon, Virginia, location today. We’ll change your oil and oil filter, check your air filter, inspect and top off all fluids, check your belts and hoses, and much more.

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