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You need to rely on your car or truck day in and day out. To make sure you have a vehicle you can count on, have your oil changed regularly. Our Leesburg oil change service includes more than just new oil—here are some of the other services we offer as part of our standard oil change:

  • Oil filter/air filter changes
  • Fluid top-off
  • Engine check (for punctures)
  • Fitting oiling
  • Belt and hose inspection
  • Tire inflation level check
  • Undercarriage inspection

When you stop by Hogan & Sons’ auto repair shop in Leesburg, you can rest easy knowing the finest mechanics in the business are doing all this (and more!) as part of your car’s oil change service. As the best Virginia oil change company around, we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Know When You Need an Oil Change

Simply put, your car can’t do its job with old oil or oil filters. Oil keeps your engine lubricated, reducing the effects of friction on various components of the engine while also keeping heat distributed evenly throughout. However, even if you have enough, your motor won’t run efficiently if the oil is burnt or mixed with debris.

As a good ballpark estimate, a car’s oil should be changed once every 3,000–5,000 miles, but you can check your car’s user manual for a more detailed schedule. That being said, you may need to change your oil earlier than expected. Any of the following are signs that your car might be due for an oil change:

  • “Knocking” or ”pinging” sounds coming from the engine
  • Foreign material in the oil or on the oil filter
  • The “check oil” or “check engine” light is lit

However, this shouldn’t be cause for undue concern—after all, our Leesburg shop is just a phone call away!

Get The Right Kind of Oil at Hogan & Sons

Hogan & Sons can provide you with the high-quality Valvoline oil change you’ve been looking for—but which kind of oil is best for you? While our technicians can help you decide, it’s good to know the differences between each type. Here are the most prominent types of motor oil available today:

Conventional Oil

As its name suggests, conventional motor oil is the most basic type of oil on the market. Because of this, it costs less than the alternatives. You’ll need to get oil changes more often with conventional oil, but some cars—especially older vehicles—are designed to run on this oil type.

Synthetic Oil

While synthetic oil can be pricier than conventional oil, it also has some serious advantages. You won’t need to schedule oil changes as often with this type, and it does better in extreme heat and cold.

Synthetic Blend Oil

If you’d like a happy medium between synthetic and conventional oil, synthetic blend oil may be just what you’re looking for. As you’d expect, this product is a combination of both conventional and synthetic oil types.

High-Mileage Oil

Do you have a late model vehicle or a newer car that’s been driven for more than 75,000 miles? Since it’s formulated to prevent oil leaks and burn off, high-mileage motor oil is perfect for these cars.

No matter which oil type you need, Hogan & Sons can help! Scheduling a Leesburg oil change is easy—just book an appointment online today. And before you visit, make sure to check out our oil change coupons!

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Leesburg Oil Change Services FAQ

How often should I change my oil?

Every vehicle is different, so you should check your owner’s manual for the manufacturer’s recommended oil change schedule. Keep in mind that the standard recommendation is to change the oil every 3,000 miles or every three months. But today’s vehicles have significant advances in lubricant and engine technologies that allow you to drive much longer and farther.

Frequent oil changes won’t harm your car or truck, but they may not be necessary. If you have any questions about the oil change intervals that are best for your vehicle, our expert mechanics will be glad to answer them.

Why should I go to Hogan & Sons in Leesburg for an oil change?

Although you probably drive past cheap auto repair shops every day, consider taking your vehicle to Hogan & Sons’ full-service auto shop in Leesburg instead. You’ll get more than a quick oil change here. Our mechanics also inspect and top off all fluids, inspect your vehicle’s belts and hoses, check tire pressure, and much more.

What type of oil do you use during an oil change?

For the best performance, Hogan & Sons uses only the highest-quality oil. Whether you have high mileage on your engine or drive in severe conditions, we offer Valvoline oil changes that include the type of oil that’s right for your vehicle and driving needs:

  • Valvoline Premium Conventional Synthetic Blend
  • Valvoline Synthetic Blend
  • Valvoline Full Synthetic Oil

Do I need to have the oil filter replaced with every oil change?

Yes! Otherwise, your new, clean oil will run through a dirty filter, compromising the performance of the oil and engine. When a clogged filter can no longer absorb dirt and debris, those contaminants will flow through your engine, and your new oil won’t stay clean for long.

Can I switch between conventional and synthetic oil during an oil change?

The warning that once you switch to synthetic oil, you should never go back to conventional oil is a myth. You can go back to conventional oil anytime. Note: If your vehicle’s manufacturer used synthetic oil in your engine at the factory, it’s best to stay with synthetic since that is what your engine was designed to work best with. In any case, synthetic oil lasts longer than conventional oil.

Why do you recommend synthetic oil changes?

The Valvoline synthetic oils we use in our customers’ oil changes are refined, so they have fewer impurities. They also offer improved protection against engine wear since they flow with less friction than traditional conventional oils. Full synthetic oil can also withstand higher temperatures and is more resistant to breakdown than conventional oil.

Don’t I have to get oil changes done at my dealership?

No, the warranty on your car or truck will not be affected if you have your oil changed somewhere other than the dealership. When you come to our Leesburg location for an oil change, you’ll receive the same level of service from our mechanics that your dealership provides.

Do Hogan & Sons ever offer oil change discounts?

We regularly have money-saving offers and specials on our coupons page. Be sure to check our coupons before you come into our Leesburg location for your next oil change or another service.

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