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Drivers living in Purcellville, Virginia already know about the vital role oil changes play in car maintenance. Despite this, you may not think choosing a local auto shop for oil change service is an important decision. But that’s not the case. You should be on the lookout for shops that offer these perks as part of an oil change:

  • Changing the oil and air filters
  • Topping off fluids
  • Checking for punctures in the engine
  • Making sure fittings are oiled
  • Examining belts and hoses
  • Ensuring tires are correctly inflated
  • Looking at the undercarriage

When in need of an oil change, Purcellville residents take their cars to Hogan & Sons’ Purcellville auto repair shop location. Along with providing services like these as part of a standard oil change, you’ll be able to relax in the knowledge that the area’s best technicians are hard at work to keep your vehicle in good working order.

Don’t wait too long between oil changes.

You may think you don’t need a car-oil change soon, but are you sure? If you’ve been having doubts about this, it’s best to do some research. To get started, many drivers schedule an oil change every 3,000–5,000 miles. However, there’s a good chance that your car’s instruction manual will have more precise guidelines.

In some cases, however, you can’t afford to wait that long. That’s true when you spot:

  • A dirty oil filter or dirty oil
  • The “check oil” or “check engine” light is on
  • A strange noise in the engine

These are all telltale signs that you’re overdue for oil change service. If you live in Purcellville, we’d be happy to help provide this service for you!

What makes Hogan & Sons in Purcellville the best local option?

As a resident of the Purcellville area, you have many options to choose from for a car-oil change. However, putting some effort into selecting the right auto shop for this work can pay off. Picking a reliable business to do this work will save you money while offering more than a barebones oil change.

You could use a number of factors to evaluate the different shops in the area. To save time, it’s a good idea to focus on these three:

  1. Oil change pricing. That doesn’t just mean choosing the auto shop boasting the lowest price for oil changes. You should also consider value. Even if an oil change seems more expensive than the alternatives, it could come with services that you’d have to pay for elsewhere.
  2. Technician skill levels. Since your car is such an essential part of your life, you should only have it worked on by the best people in the business. That’s true even when it comes to something seemingly minor like oil changes.
  3. Brand-name products. When you care about the kind of car you drive, it stands to reason that you’d also care about what you put in it.

For all these perks and more, choose Hogan & Sons’ Purcellville auto repair shop location when you need a Valvoline oil change in the area. As an added benefit, getting started is as simple as booking an appointment online!

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