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Your car or truck depends on oil changes to do its job—so you shouldn’t cut corners when it comes to this service. Along with the oil change itself, our quality Winchester oil change service includes:

  • Replacement oil and air filters
  • Fluid refills
  • An engine puncture check
  • Ensuring your fittings are oiled
  • Inspection of belts and hoses
  • A look at your tires
  • An undercarriage inspection

Do you know if you’ll need an oil change soon? If so, there’s no better option than our Winchester auto shop. You’ll get every service listed above as part of your oil change, and these services will be provided by some of the most qualified auto mechanics in the Winchester area.

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Why Regular Oil Changes Are Important

Unfortunately, few auto maintenance services are “one and done.” That’s definitely true for car oil changes, which are usually required a few times each year. To estimate your own oil change schedule, start with the assumption that you’ll need an oil change every 3,000–5,000 miles. Otherwise, you can review your vehicle’s manual for advice related to scheduling oil changes.

A regularly scheduled oil change will help with routine maintenance. However, you might sometimes need oil changes earlier than you’d think. For example, you should take your car in for an oil change service when:

  • Your oil or oil filter is dirty
  • Your “check engine” or “check oil” light just turned on
  • You start hearing strange engine noises

Any of these signs can indicate that it’s time for an oil change. Winchester residents can take their vehicles to Hogan & Sons to take care of this job quickly and easily.

Quality Oil Change Service in Winchester, VA 

If you’ve ever had to schedule an oil change in Winchester, you know how many auto shops there are in the area. Though it may seem like there are too many local choices to pick from for you to make an informed decision, focusing on the most important factors can help you narrow things down. That includes looking at:

  • The price of an oil change. You might be tempted to pick the cheapest oil change available, but that may not truly be the best choice. Try to balance low costs with the value that fully-featured oil changes can provide.
  • The skill level of the auto mechanics. Even though an oil change is one of the simplest auto maintenance tasks you’ll need to set up, working with people who know what they’re doing can still make a difference.
  • The products an auto shop uses. Has a shop used no-name oil in your vehicle before? That might not seem concerning on its own, but it could indicate that they’re cutting corners elsewhere too.

When you consider all these factors, the choice for your next Valvoline oil change is clear. You can count on Hogan & Sons in Winchester for high-quality oil change service—and appointment scheduling is just a click away!

Winchester Oil Change Service FAQs

How much you’ll pay for a Winchester oil change depends upon where you get your oil change service, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $25 to $75 or more. You have plenty of choices when it comes to oil change service providers, but you may want to consider a full-service auto shop for your oil changes. When you come to Hogan & Sons in Winchester, for example, you’ll get more than a quick, affordable oil change—you’ll also have ASE-certified mechanics checking your engine for any issues you may not be aware of.

We know how important it is to save on car maintenance services such as oil changes, so we always offer specials, coupons, and promotions to make it easier to fit our services into your budget.

In the past, the standard recommendation for oil change frequency was about every three months or 3,000 miles. Today, modern cars and trucks can go much longer between oil changes, even up to as much as 10,000 miles if you use synthetic oil and drive under normal conditions. If, however, you regularly drive under any of the following conditions, you likely need to change your oil more frequently:

  • Towing or hauling heavy loads
  • Driving on dirt roads
  • Driving in stop-and-go traffic, especially in hot weather
  • Making frequent short trips of five miles or less in cold weather

If you’re not sure which oil change schedule is right for your vehicle and the way you drive, our mechanics will be glad to make a recommendation.

Full synthetic oil offers exceptional protection for your vehicle’s engine. Your engine stays cleaner longer with synthetic oil, and it allows you to go longer between oil service appointments than you would with conventional oil.

Synthetic oil offers these additional advantages and more:

  • It has fewer impurities than conventional oil, which helps improve engine performance.
  • It has higher viscosity which makes it more resistant to extreme temperature changes.
  • It allows your engine to use less horsepower to haul or tow heavy loads.
  • It’s biodegradable.

You can ask the mechanics at our Winchester auto shop for more information about synthetic oil and whether it’s right for you. Make your appointment today for a Valvoline oil change at Hogan & Sons.

When you know what to look for, it’s not difficult to determine that it’s time for an oil change and a new oil filter. These are some of the indicators:

  • The oil light on your dashboard is illuminated. This could be due to a low oil level, an oil leak, or low oil pressure. If you see this light come on, you should make an oil change appointment as soon as possible.
  • Your oil looks dirty when you check your dipstick and/or feels gritty.
  • You’re noticing new or odd noises. This could be caused by a lack of lubrication of the moving metal parts of your engine.
  • Smoke (instead of vapor, which is normal) is coming from your tailpipe.

It’s critical not to ignore these signs—if your engine runs out of oil, it may break down or even sustain enough damage that it cannot be repaired.

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